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  • 15in / 40cm
  • 23in / 60cm
  • 39in / 100cm
  • 47in / 120cm
  • Bean / Green
  • Cera / Pink
  • Spike / Blue

Soft, squishy and super cute, our plushies are exactly what fantasies are Made from . Leave an endless smile on your nearest and dearest by surprising them with a super adorable Triceratops dinosaur plushie now! Super-sized dinosaurs prepared for snuggling and cuddling, Body cushions are shown to assist you sleep better by relieving strain on the lower spine, shoulders and spine. Our plushies soft feel also has a relaxing and calming effect that will assist you sleep better. Characteristics Filled with 100% superior PP cotton helps along with your sleeping posture Promotes comfort with its incredibly soft cloth Allergy-free and asthma friendly.

Plushie dimensions:Measurements can be away by 1-3cm because of the character of the way PP cotton grows and soothes.

Trying hard to sleep today? Snuggle with a few of our plushies for the best night’s sleep – you may even need to break up your alarm a couple of times. The soothing and soft feel helps create a relaxing and tranquil secure haven.

How to clean plushie?

Step 1: Use the gentlest cycle which can be found on your washing machine.
Step 2: Wash our plushie in cold water with a gentle detergent.

Step 3: When disinfecting is an issue, use warm water or think about using a product such as Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, that will be secure on both the whites and colours, including chlorine bleach.

Step 4: Put the plushie at a launderable mesh bags or duvet cover. Padding the drum of the washer towels may also add yet another layer of protection.

Step 5: Air-drying is going to function as the funniest choice, and a hairdryer switched on reduced warmth can help fluff the fur up when the plushie has attained the just-damp point (consider it as a finishing touch!)

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